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Back to School – Upper Primary @ CPSGS ANN

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“A new journey to be started, a new promise to be fulfilled, a new page to be written…”

A sense of curiosity, happiness, excitement and a heart full of overwhelming thoughts- that’s how each one of us felt today. CPS Global along with its faculty was more than glad to welcome their Upper Primary into the school. It was truly a great Back To School for each one of us.
Seeing the little ones grown up, carrying their bags, walking towards their classroom was such an emotional sight to behold. The students were welcomed into the campus with all safety protocols and norms in place and also made sure our children have the smoothest transition. All the students were briefed about multiple rules they need to abide by for one’s own safety within the campus.
The world can only feel safe inside if we feel safe inside!
As a school, as a community we aren’t leaving any stone unturned to make sure every student feels comfortable and safe in the classroom and on the campus. The day started off on a lighter note where our facilitators kept students engaged by knowing each other better and bringing out smiles! Learning can best happen when students feel safe and happy and we would always strive our best to make sure their learning graph is unaffected.
Success is the sum of efforts, repeated!

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