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HIV continues to be a major public health issue affecting millions worldwide. With the world fighting COVID- 19 it seems other ailments have been relegated to the background. However, on the occasion of World AIDS Day, CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai curated an awareness program wherein Dr.Navina Ravindran, Assistant Professor, at Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute, reiterated that societal disparity and indifference towards human rights are the major culprits. Keeping in tune with the theme of World AIDS Day 2021 being “End inequalities. End AIDS”, the program was aptly named ‘Be the person who helps’.

Dr Navina Ravindran, with a meticulously prepared slideshow helped the audience to understand the nuances of this killer disease, right from the basics of the difference between HIV and AIDS to the significance of the red ribbon that is worn on the day. The informative and enlightening talk about HIV brought to the forefront lot of interesting facts and various issues that we as a society should be aware of and try to educate ourselves about. A lot of myths associated with HIV were cleared. The doctor emphasised how it is the onus of the youngsters to spread awareness of fighting the disease and NOT the patients.

It is our prime responsibility to be empathetic towards the HIV affected patients and give them the confidence to fight the disease. A video message of the Director General of WHO , Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, released on the special occasion of World Aids Day – 2021 was played.  The Q&A session saw the students and teachers come out with a lot of interesting and genuine queries. The event was immaculately synchronised and was indeed an eye opener for the audience.

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