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Astounding Addition – ELP 3A @ CPSGS ANN

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This is very obvious, we count steps, we count cars, we count houses as we drive, and we count just to count sometimes.  Children need to understand that regardless of which number they use for a starting point, the counting system has a sequence. When a child is counting a collection, the last item in the collection is the amount of the collection. The child needs to remember the last number represents the quantity of the set he just counted.

Now, to relate all this to an addition operation and make it as easy as eating pie for them, could be achieved through simple interactive learning. Our teachers of ELP 3 a created interactive platform where the children could practice, makes errors and self-correct. They were The Adding Tree, Ping the Peg, Pop the Drop, and Spot the Bug.

Our young mathematicians who were already tuned in to the concrete, hands-on teaching methods had arrived at a solution to the problem in multiple ways through this approach.They can now put two and two together just like that !

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