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World Population Day is not a day to be forgotten, but rather, a chance to educate oneself and to be more aware of the world we live in. 11th July saw yet another colourful feather being added to the proud hat of CPSGS Thirumazhisai. The Five Billion day commonly known as the World population day 2020- was celebrated with grace and passion here in our very own virtual school environment. The event, A Virtual Symposium, was hosted by the Humanities department for our IGCSE and IBDP students.

What a way indeed it was to end the week – plenty of positive thoughts and optimistic atmosphere. With gloom all around us, our students taught us how to see through the dark clouds and search for that ray of hope.

The word “population” brings to our mind negative thoughts and connotations; but to clear the air, our students presented on various aspects of population and what we can do to tackle the problem.
Students who eagerly signed up for symposium, presented on a variety of topics that sparked their interests like: A Comparative Study on the Demography of China and India and their Economic Growth and Development, Covid Pandemic and Impact on Human Population, Community and Humanity, A Study on Human Poverty Index, Population- A Hindering Factor for Development and SDGS? Population Growth: Economic Problems and Crime.

The students presented their topics with utmost conviction and proved their mettle. It was not just a presentation; it was much more than that. The students learnt many skills, including presentation and public speaking, overcoming fear of crowds – virtual in this case and building up on their own self confidence. Subject knowledge and confidence was at its best! They all enjoyed the learning experience and felt like they were back at school again which felt heart-warming to all present.

A few key points were the discussion on the population pyramid, the flaws of the human poverty index and questioning the premise of constructing a composite index, connecting economic problems and social crimes and humanity at large.

The students and teachers alike learned a lot more about the world they live in and above all also learnt about their family – the CPS GS family. A place where everybody is welcome, their ideas and opinions heard and a place where knowledge is shared. It was a truly wonderful experience which kept both students and teachers wanting more events like this.

Who said (online) learning is boring– Everyone went back after attending the session with an active and buzzing mind and these words on their lips – Delightfully knowledgeable!!


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