Act Right, Save Lives!

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 Knowledge about First Aid is so significant; it aids to act right to take care of uncertain and critical times. Knowing the importance of practicing First Aid, CPS Global School conducted an engaging virtual training program for CAIE 4-8 learners during the Life Skill period scheduled for them. CAIE 4 and 5 learners were educated on how to stop the bleeding in case of cut injury and to do dressing for the wound. Our learners devotedly prepared the First Aid kit for their family to make the best use of it and especially to handle the emergency situation during this indecisive time as such.  Handling CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is another challenging First Aid, yet once perfectly done can save lives. CAIE 6, 7, 8 learners were given clear virtual guidance to save lives during sudden cardiac arrest. With the use of hard pillows and cushions, the concept of handling CPR was evidently shown to the learners.

        We believe, with ideal training, our learners will act right and save lives as they are progressing to become real social doctors!

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