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A walk in the Park -ELP 1

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Field trips add significantly to the overall personality development of a child and bring out their inner qualities like leadership, team building, trust, and respect.

From playing on iPad’s to watching television, these days our children seem to be spending more and more time indoors. One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to get them to play in the outdoors.

A trip to your local park is about more than just leisure. A park was chosen as the venue to give learning via a nature connect. ELP 1 children were taken on a field trip to the Bougainvillea Park. They had a refreshing walk around looking around making connections to what they have learnt in class, some asking questions to their teachers and some just making their observations. In the end it all came together in just one form-PLAY

The ‘rain rain go away rhyme’ our children sang enroute to the park certainly pleased our Rain God, who faded the drizzles away. Don’t worry “they will come back another day ”




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