A Special Souvenir! Children’s Day at CPSGS!

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A festival that most students look forward in the year is Children’s Day. A festival that brings us immense joy, not only for the chocolates and cake, but also for the appreciation that we feel and the motivation to be a future voice of the nation.

And CPSGS TMZ was a perfect example of the kind of uplifting celebration that Children’s Day is always meant to be. Right from the start, as we walked into the school in our bright-coloured outfits with cheery grins and excited faces, our teachers with exuberant smiles, wishing us a Happy Children’s day enlivened the mood for the day.  And in class, of course, we were handed, the much anticipated, chocolate bars.

After a tiring intramural volleyball session, we were hurriedly escorted out to our front stage, where we began the joyous day with the usual routine of the Morning Prayer, Thought and News. Succeeding an inspiring speech about the significance of children’s day and why we are vital to society, our teachers put on a vibrant, energetic show that will surely not be forgotten any time soon. With the melodious solo performances from our very own Sharan Sir and Shiny Ma’am, to the hilarious recitation from Aditi Ma’am, the show was filled with applauses. Our teachers performed a group dance with funny Tamil one-liners. We witnessed a play where, ironically, the teachers were the students; as different types of exam takers. Seeing our teachers in this light was a truly awe-inspiring experience for all the students who could not stop cheering for their passionate performances. Following this fun-filled showcase, we retired to our classes and we were all amazed to receive pleasing token of love; hand written message for each one of us signed by all our beloved teachers. To freeze this memorable day, we were served some delicious cake and took some pictures. 

Certainly,one of the more entertaining days in the past month! 


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