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A rich harvest @ ELP CPSGS ANN

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In an age where most of the time is spent chatting or typing at our smart phones, pre digital ways of working are practically nonexistent for generation Z.  Furthermore, since urbanization is in rapid progress and our farmlands are fast depleting we have few windows of opportunity   to know about rural practises.

How is it that we miraculously have all the ingredients to make a meal? Now which magic wand should we choose to make that happen?  Could we probably use a magic word and our plates would get filled with rice and vegetables? The answer is a plain and simple”No”.

There are people who produce all this for us. An average day is not so average in the life of a farmer. When its harvest season they toil sun up to sun down. With all the disconnect from nature that our children are now experiencing it’s vital to remember the heritage foods being produced in time-honoured ways.

Our CPSGS teachers sought to give a firsthand experience to the children of the  ELP segment on how a farm land would look like and what a farmer would do in slush and sludge.

The realistic scenic backdrop of the village with the multi tasking demure village ladies stirring sweet pongal or decorating the house with kolam or helping in harvesting the crop to the hardworking farmers getting ready for a day’s work  to plough and toil in the field all added to the grandeur of the simulation.

An array of questions followed the activity proving that a real life experience is the most fertile way of teaching and encouraging the children towards an inquiry based and enriched learning.


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