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A Penny saved is a penny earned! – ELP 3

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Field trips link the classroom experience with the outside world and in doing so they drastically improve the process of learning by giving valued practical experiences.

We at ELP 3 chose to go on a field trip to a Supermarket.  This was a chosen platform of experiential learning where children had the opportunity to extend and apply what they imbibed in class.

Our young shoppers exhibited a high level of enthusiasm and at the same time followed all what was agreed upon at school before leaving. A pact between the teacher and the student! They were, maintaining a pleasant disposition in a public place, being wary of  talking to strangers, and using their magic words wherever applicable.

Every child was given an opportunity to buy any item worth Rs. 20.  Before they purchased they were asked to check for the product’s price, its expiry date and calculate if they could fit their choice with the budget on hand. Some decided to buy for themselves, some planned what they could get for their parents or other loved ones at home  and there were  some  who felt they need better choices and preferred not to buy anything at all !

No matter how little or how much money we have, spending it wisely is a good idea. And that’s exactly what our young learners did today. This educational, interactive experience is sure to leave a lasting impression with the kiddos. After all “it’s the choices we make that define us”!

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