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8 STEPS TO 8 – ELP 1

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Now that our children are well-versed in numbers till 7, they are moving on to the challenging number 8, known as the number of balance and harmony. To make the learning exciting, our ELP 1 kids were engaged with 8 different activities to learn the number 8.

Start small and simple:

  • To begin with, a rhyme to remember the number.
  • Tiny fingers air traced the number.
  • They had 8 blocks to build a tower.
  • Their fine motor skills saw a challenge as they dragged through in sand to write 8.
  • An action-packed learning at the indoor play area. Little totlets counted 8 balls from the ball pit and handed it over to the teacher.
  • Whoo! An 8-legged paper spider to scare you all away.
  • 8 finger prints printed on an 8.
  • Count 8 and match to 8

Whew! That was some “eightaustive” activities that happened at class!






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