In the competitive world we have today, getting admission into a good college is almost like
finding a hidden treasure chest- only the determined can unlock the key to a successful college
profile. However, the set of webinars conducted by UCAS helped light up the dark path which
leads to UK’s college admissions.
There were multiple sessions ranging from how to choose the right course, to writing a good
CV. We had numerous doubts cleared and we even got a taste of college lectures on topics
ranging from arts, to engineering. These sessions were conducted live by experts of their
respective fields.

The Q and A feature allowed the attendees to connect with the speakers and get
specific questions answered. The speakers were very much eloquent and tried to answer as
many questions as they could. With the rising dependence on webinars due to the pandemic
situation, multiple sessions are hosted to cater to the needs of students across the globe, but on
the downside, students seldom get to participate in each of the webinar sessions as they are
held up in varied time zones. UCAS was prepared for this as they recorded the sessions and
made it available on demand. So even if one misses a particular session, they can always
watch the recordings when needed.

Like many others, we were also confused initially about how to go about the process and
attended the session without an insight about what to specifically look out for. However, the
sessions were undoubtedly of immense value. We learnt about accommodations in college, how
a normal day looks like at the university and much more as testimonials from university students
themselves who were happy to share their experiences so as to encourage and keep us

Adding to this, there were also sessions directed at parents on how to help their child
with the decision-making process which is crucial while pursuing higher studies. These sessions
undoubtedly made life easier for a plethora of confused students and parents alike.
Within just four days of sessions, UCAS has been able to deliver so much information through
innovative lectures that has created a lasting impression amongst us students. We have gained
confidence and attained a clear mindset of how to navigate the entire process, thanks to UCAS.

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