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“A chance for children to think ‘out of the box’ and invite others to come into their own little World for a minute or two” – Show and Tell gives that chance for our young pupils to show off their “prized possessions”. children love to be in the spotlight and the center of attention.

Today at ELP, we brought down the curtains on show and tell for this academic year. Children were given a myriad of topics to choose from: something that brought a smile on their face, their learning this year, or something cool they have made and would like to show us.

Probably it was the variety of topics that made them rave about their participation or probably, it was their nonchalance radiating or probably, it was their Gumption with a capital G which was kindled.

With children you never know what clicks, all we have to do is present a platter and let them pick!

Show and tell at CPSGS – Always a curtain raiser!

Show and tell

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