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100 Days at School

100 trips from home to school

100 back with a brain that’s full

100 of pencils, 100 of books

100 of backpacks on their hooks

100 of hands, 100 of feets

100 of faces for the teachers to greet

100 of smiles, 100 of grins

100, 100 and 100 of friends

The 100th day of school is an exciting milestone to reach. It signifies that the halfway point of the year has been passed and the finish line is coming into sight. But more importantly, it’s an opportunity to help children reflect upon the hard work they’ve completed so far, and celebrate the progress they’ve made for first 100 days!

In the same way, 100 days of school means 100 days of learning! Doing many things for 100 days is no easy task…!  At CPS GS, we celebrated the 100th Day with aplomb to glorify our keep learning keep growing attitude. So, we decided to share what our children have learnt in these remarkable 100 days in the ELP segment as small water drops pouring from the clouds of learning to form an ocean of knowledge.

The ELP 1 segment displayed 100 art activities of their little Picassos put together to form a quilt. The math wizards of ELP 2 did a group activity where they drew different pictures of   groups of tens to reach 100. The blooming scholars of ELP 3 penned their thoughts on what the number 100 signifies to them. A hundred mangoes to eat or 100 pencils to buy or 100 clothes to share with a friend or 100 friends to share and care!

Don’t we all want a 100 of something!

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