Benefits of AP

Increase your options

University credit or placement can allow you to move into upper-level courses sooner. You have the flexibility to earn a Double Major or a combined B.S/M.S program and gain time to study and travel abroad or complete an internship.

Save money

If you earn a qualifying score on an AP Exam, you can receive credit for the equivalent course at any global colleges or university. With tuition at prestigious U.S. universities around $40,000 per year and with exchange rates continuing to fluctuate, think of what you could save by using AP credits, to make sure you graduate on time. Many students and parents appreciate the value of AP in making an overseas education more affordable.

Stand out in the admission process

Everyone wants to get into a university of their choice. Those who make it, go for the most challenging courses. AP Exams provide universities with additional information about your ability to succeed at the university-level studies.

Earn academic scholarships or awards

Some of the most competitive scholarship awards consider your AP Exam scores. Many universities also use AP Exam scores to place students into Honors classes. The AP Program offers several AP Scholar Awards to recognize students who have demonstrated university-level achievements, through AP courses and exams.

Universities consider your overall AP experience-not just exam scores. Universities will look at AP courses on your transcript when evaluating your admission application and deciding on scholarships and awards. Plus, the experience you gain from taking a university level course taught in English in secondary school will help you adjust more quickly and with less stress when you begin university-especially if you plan to study outside your country.

Advance Placement (AP)

  • Scores of 3 or higher on required combination of five AP Exams.
  • Two AP Exams from English and/or World Languages.
  • One AP Exam designated as offering a global perspective (Government and Politics: Comparative, Human Geography, World History).
  • One exam from Science or Mathematics.
  • One (or two) additional exam/s from among any content areas except English and World Languages

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