Dear Alumni,


Passing through our portals, the world to lead,
To shape the future, help those in need,
Soaring eagles, reaching for the sky,
Through our astounding alumni, CPS GS' banner held high!

It seems like just yesterday we had looked into those innocent aspiring eyes and today you have made us proud with your achievements. Our responsibility does not end with just graduating you to climb the ladder of success to choose your career path. We would also like to keep in touch with you, for you to be a part of everything, as you are the reason for all that we do.

To let you revisit the memory lanes and be an embodiment to your Alma Mater, we want to extend our hands towards you, inviting articles. It can be any interesting experiences in your personal life or any happenings in your college that you would like to share with us. Your creativity will be an asset for us ever after.

As a first step, Click to fill the form. On completion of the form you will get your batch photo in your email inbox.