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ZENITH 2019: reach for the stars

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ELP Zenith:

“The DANCE is a POEM and each MOVEMENT is a WORD.”

The Cherubic Champs of ELP dressed up in Pink and Yellow and marched on the stage and stood majestically. The spectators were anxiously waiting for the electrifying performance. The “Welcome Dance” of our fledglings rolled out the red carpet for the Annual Day gala on 20th March of 2019 at Egmore Museum Theatre.

The wink of pink and beguiling yellow hue left the patrons awestruck. The booming jingle raised the kiddies’ verve. Wow! The rocking performance of the cherubic champs enthralled the audience. Every manoeuvre of our ELP tiny tots magnetized the throng. The flip-flop somersault was the showstopper move. When the little ones welcomed all in their signature sugary stunt, the applause were resounding.

Adulation Kiddiewinks!

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