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WOW – Wealth Out of Waste

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Wealth out of waste is the actual challenge to make the best surroundings for the future generations. Nature gives us abundant resources to lead a healthy life. But due to human unlimited wants there is widespread destruction of the ecosystem. Technologies can help support human life but their advancement alone but can’t provide us good air and water forever. Every little insignificant thing, when looked closer, has a deeper sense of purpose. We are surrounded by objects which we take for granted but which can serve to bring about a quantum change to the quality of our lives. Mr. Martin, an ex-serviceman and emerging entrepreneur in material technology has given a new meaning to “waste paper” which has hitherto been looked at as having no higher purpose. 

His penchant for entrepreneurship has manifested itself in the form of the honeycomb design. This hexagonal arrangement of the paper offers little hope of longevity when looked at the level of the strands. As a unit its stability can rival that of wood. His vision doesn’t end there. Through his initiative, namely Chennai Green Technologies, Mr. Martin has cemented the livelihoods of the villagers around his factory by giving them employment opportunities. 

Children of CPS Global School were gifted with his opportunity to pay a visit to his factory and to learn about the importance of going green. They were given hands-on demonstration of the uniqueness of the honeycomb so-called waste paper. The overarching reaction of our CPS GS students was disbelief mixed with unabashed appreciation. To relive the experience and to spread awareness amongst the general public, the students were offered a piece of the magic paper product. CPS GS teachers also had occasion to learn a lot from this visit. 

 Mr. Martin is an embodiment of the maxim “Never limit yourself because of others limited imagination” and “Never limit others imaginations because of your limited imaginations”.




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