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Workshop on Seed Bombing – CPS GS ANN

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It is easy to preserve seeds with the technology we have today. To have a display of beautiful flowers in our garden, all we have to do is buy a packet of seeds at the nearest store or visit a nursery. But, this practice is not entirely new to mankind and we have been known to decorate and design our houses from days of the old. But without the modern technology and the preservatives of today, how did our ancestors do it? And even if we come to the present day, there are still villages and farmers that aren’t rich enough to buy preservatives. So, what did they do to preserve the seeds when it wasn’t the season to plant them?

This is when the seed balls, also known as “clay dumplings” were invented. Seed balls are a cost-less ancient technique of cultivation that found its origin in Japan. Seeds are combined with volcanic clay, moisture and other substances to form a mixture. This mixture is formed into lumps or balls, allowed to dry and then, cast out into fields at the appropriate time of year, depending on various factors.

The students of CAIE 5 had a first-hand experience of this method of planting seeds, known as “seed bombing” on 6.1.18, when guides were specially invited to provide materials and to help them make these seed balls from scratch, with perfection.


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