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It was a bright morning with our children coming back from weekend holidays. We wanted to engage them in one another activity that involves their mind and body. Yes , it was the game of “Balancing the ball”. We often notice children like challenges in a subtle way and or also thrilled do something related to their balance. It is not very uncommon that children like walking on a thin string or a rope, balance on stones, try to walk on the edge of a pavement. Understanding how they are wired , we started this “Balancing the ball ” and not much to our surprise it enthused them like never before.

Children took turns and focused on the task of balancing the ball. It was an interesting task with many showing great enthusiasm and attention while doing this. They were also noticing what their peers were doing and cheering them. Practicing walking with adherence and maintaining the balance can help set kids up for a lifetime of strength and grace.

Balancing is not very easy for their age and it’s an important milestone in their development phase. This activity directly reflects on child’s physical development, hand – eye coordination and very importantly sensory / motor skills.  We were glad we were able to involve our children in such activities and watched them in pride when they completed it per our expectations. This activity apart from keeping them engaged was also a way of honing the gross motor skills and inculcating team spirit.


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