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Water, water will it become not a drop to drink How to make it safe, it’s time for us to think!

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Although many hours had been sacrificed on the days leading up to the conference, as well as the sleep lost that night, every minute spent was worth it.

UNSLCD or United Nations Student Led Conference on Development 2019 was a unique opportunity where students had taken up a current, global issue- water sanitation and discuss possible solutions. This direct approach helped improve our research skills, allowing us to inquire more about the world around us and become more open minded individuals. It also allowed us to step outside our comfort zone as well as communicate and collaborate with other students.

We were one among various schools in Chennai which represented India along with various schools from countries such as the Philippines and Saudi Arabia in the conference hosted by Lalaji Omega International School. The topic covered areas such as water and sanitation resource management and innovation, water conservation and scarcity and water pollution. The United Nations headquarters located in New York moderated and mandated the final  discussion.

Our information was formatted crisply in a 1 minute speech, where we presented problems, their impacts, possible solutions and effective ways to implement them. Thinking on not only a local level but a global level was crucial in order for us to balance our speeches. Each of us got an opportunity to voice our opinion on the issue.

The conference was a wonderful experience because we were given a chance for our voices to be heard. We are extremely privileged to collaborate on a global level to find resolutions for global issues.

All our hard work and effort definitely paid off.

Neha Prabu

IBDP – Year 1

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