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Today’s Delegates, Tomorrow’s Ambassadors @ CGMUN ’19

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The initiation of the Model United Nations Conference at CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai, CGMUN ‘19 is to manifest the thought, “We are talking about human dignity and that should be done without any borders.” The motive of this exceptional engaging activity involving students from CAIE 7 to IBYR1 was to bring out an excellent repercussion learning the amalgamation of knowledge, critical thinking and understanding of world’s current issues. Amongst the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN, CGMUN ‘19 focuses on achieving global literacy in UNICEF and  Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime in UNODC.
A grand inauguration with an invocation song and the lighting of the auspicious lamp, reverberated a positive atmosphere among the entire school. Elaborating the importance of United Nations and it’s international relations galvanised the audience picturing a clear image on the role of UN in critical world issues. The Guest of Honour, Ms. Janaki Narayanan, having worked with UN, shared and enthralled the audience of her amazing experience at the UN. “Fulfilling the necessities of our own surroundings and making it a better place to live in will be the first step of proving our responsibility as a human,” she stated. Our responsibility as a human, and being a representative of social issues with a solution, majorly evinced our influence for a superior world.
The delegates, organised in two different committees, represented the assigned countries and they were completely energised with comprehensive preparation. The following reflections are from 4 of the delegates from the 2 committees.

In UNICEF, the conference began with an opening speech session where all delegates discussed the agenda in general. Following this, the delegates participated in several moderated caucuses on certain general topics related to the agenda. In UNODC, the committee started out with a moderated caucus where delegates voiced their countries thoughts on issues and possible solutions.

During the unmoderated caucus, the delegates formed allies with other delegates to strengthen their arguments and work collectively with a global outlook. In the process, delegates also got the chance to move around and have an informal discussion. Initially what was a nerve-wracking atmosphere in the committee gradually eased out as the initial anxiety wore out. After a handful of ideas were discussed, the delegates broke for lunch.

After lunch, a series of moderated caucuses continued with same enthusiasm, on the prescribed agendas. It was prominent throughout the sessions that mostly every delegate had done their fair share of research and was eager to present their ideas. By the end of the day, the issue of building up courage to come forth no longer lasted. The chair moderated disputes among delegates and quickly dismissed any potentially harsh arguments, maintaining decorum in the committee. Being the first MUN experience for most delegates, they showed a good amount of participative spirit, looking forward to the next sessions eagerly. It was definitely a learning experience that contributed to each individual’s growth as a public speaker.

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