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Thoorigai at CPSGS!!

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“Art speaks when words are unable to explain.”
Sara Zimmerman said, “A world without art is a world without hopes and dreams.” To
carry out our IBDP Year 2 students’ hopes and dreams, we, CPSGS team created world for
them to exhibit and to flaunt their lives in art. The day named “Thoorigai” meaning “brush”
in Tamil. To brush the latent creative abilities in each budding artist and to display their
journey in art classes, we created a way for them at CPSGS, to help the artists grow to be
great performers in the future and it was made possible through Thoorigai.
From bright hues from crayons and distinct palettes of acrylic paint to the fusion of the five
elements and the ethnicity of art, IBDP art exhibition touched upon art in its contemporary
and traditional forms. IBDP students’ myriad of human expressions in their canvas, and
countless Indian legendary paintings stood as a platform for young minds to transcend the
boundaries of their inherent artistic culture.
The toddlers’ paintings and drawings with brushes, colour pencils, handprints and set their
canvases ablaze with a riot of colours. The primary children created an intriguing array of
paintings depicting landscapes, seasons and nature at their scenic best. The middle and the
senior students’ imaginative and smartened work of art was the finest with aesthetic quality.
Our special guest, Mr Saravanan Lakshmannan, a stalwart in the arena of painting and
designing, graced the occasion and stood as an example to the young artists.


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