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We, the astronomy students of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai had the unique opportunity to have an overnight sky observation session on 9th March 2019. It was an enlightening session for each one of us. We were part of an useful and scholastic gathering to know more about our galaxy and beyond. I feel that the night sky is one of the most peaceful things in our lives so far. We saw the sky in a different light in the dark! The sky was crystal clear, not a cloud to be found anywhere. We were lucky that the sky was unblemished enough for us to see most of the constellations of the stars. The stars just adorned the night sky like handful of glitter thrown up to the sky. Later on, in the wee hours of dawn the next day, at around 4:30, we got a better look at some planets like Jupiter and Venus aligning our telescopes learning how to use the planispheres. We truly felt that we were such a speck in our cosmos. Also, I would like to add that this has been the best experience a student can ever have. Moreover, this session made many of us piqued up about Astronomy more than it being just a club activity.



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