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CPS Global’s Dramatic Endeavour!

The students of CPS Global School, Anna Nagar, presented two grand theatre productions, Wizard of Oz and The Lion King. The students were trained for the production by Helen O’Grady, renowned theatre company. Students of CAIE 1, CAIE 2  and CAIE 4 participated in Wizard of Oz, and students of CAIE 1 , CAIE 2, CAIE 3 and CAIE 5 participated in The Lion King. The productions were presented on February 5 and 6, 2019, respectively, at the Egmore Museum Theatre.

The event was an extension of the theatre classes that students undertake at school. In the world we live in, communication is paramount for surviving and thriving. Theatre, the school believes, is an essential and creative means of communication. A foundation in theatre in the early years of life ensures confidence, expressing without inhibition, clarity in thought and word, and above all, learning the art of presenting an idea to your audience. These skills are the modern-day life skills that the school is attempting to instill in its students, and in turn develop each and every one of them in a way that prepares them sufficiently to walk neck-to-neck with the world outside.

Both the productions were spectacular! Close to 150 students participated in each productions and the students showcased exceptional acting and music skills. The performances of the students were absolutely commendable!, with the sets bright and colourful, and the costumes carefully crafted with good aesthetic.

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