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The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.

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On 6th July 2018, CPS Global School students from CAIE 4 to 8 witnessed “The little Festival 2018 – The Garage Gang” play staged at the Museum Theater, Egmore. The play was about a little girl building up her own fairy tale with her sense of imagination. The stage set was very impressive and constant change of lights and effects added greatly to the spectacle. The play was staged well and it was more like a celebration of human imagination, motivating the children to find their imagination. The play was interactive with lot of creativity and humor. The children thoroughly enjoyed the show. The spectators also performed in and around the show. The show gave the children a true theatrical experience.  All of the techniques like light, sound, props and sequencing of scenes were handled well by the cast members. Overall it was a spectacular performance. Being dramatic, artistic and creative help the students to eventually develop their personalities.

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