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It is in our nature to tell stories and inform others of our life events and happenings .From cave drawings to oral narrations, and scripted paperbacks the technique of storytelling has only faded to evolve. In recent times, technology has allowed humans to utilize all forms of storytelling through the years: visual stories in photographs, spoken stories in videos and recordings and written words on blogs and statues.

Stories are the mind’s eye. Children form a mental picture with size, colour, texture and characters as and when they hear a narration.

Sequencing or ordering the components of a story is one of the many skills that contribute to a student’s ability to comprehend what they read.

A team of 4 they were and the members of the cast were children of ELP 3 b who acted and sequenced the “Two silly goats” story with their understanding and discipline.  Performing a class play has enormous benefits for children’s language development, confidence and self-esteem and proves extremely worthwhile and rewarding.

Oh the little performers!

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