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The case of the missing numbers – ELP 3 students play detective!!

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   The sense of NUMBERS is the first vital Math skill a child must develop in the early learning stage. In ELP 3, our children learn many new concepts through very interesting activities. ‘Missing numbers’ is one such activity. The kids were given a set of ice-cream sticks with numbers written on them in a sequence, with a few of the numbers missing. The missing numbers were written separately on a clothes peg and were kept in a bowl. The kids first looked at the numbers on the ice cream sticks and identified the missing numbers. Next they searched for the missing number in the clothes peg and pinned it in the correct ice-cream stick. Finally they rechecked the numbers on the stick with the cloth peg on it to make sure the sequence is correct. This fun way approach helped the students to identify numbers and also know about their correct sequence.  Our little learners thus played detective and learnt an important Mathematical skill in an enthralling way.


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