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TAAL! Dance your way to success! @CPSGS TMZ

“When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you.”
Paulo Coelho

Dance is one of the most powerful expressions of human emotions.  CPS Global, Thirumazhisai paid a fitting tribute to this timeless art by conducting the annual dance extravaganza – Taal 2019 an Inter-house dance competition. Our dancing stalwarts were divided into Sub- juniors (CAIE 1 to 3), juniors (CAIE 4to 6), seniors (CAIE 7 to IGYR1) and Super Seniors (IGYR2 to IBYR2).Ms Deepika and Ms Yoga Lakshmi, two esteemed dancers in the western and classical genre were the judges for the day. From mind blowing western to calming classical and splendid contemporary the performance of our students rendered the audience speechless. The audience was spellbound to watch students dance with props like the hoola hoop and eye-catchy costumes and head gear. Big surprises come in small packages and this was so apt for our Sub Juniors’ performance. The confidence, the elegance with which they danced and their attitude and facial expressions was a treat to watch. The students were enthralled when a few of their teachers took to the stage and revealed their dancing talents. An event is termed successful when it manages to inspire at least one participant and in that sense Taal has been a grand success and has created a spark in our students to consider dancing as more than just a hobby.

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