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Swaying to the foot tapping music…

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The Children’s Day Celebrations this year seemed never-ending. The three days of fun-filled activities just went on and on. 16th November was for the actual celebrations and dance workshops for students if CAIE 1- 8. We showcased our emotions and feelings through dance in the one of a kind dance workshop held by dance faculty.


The CAIE 1-4 students learnt B- Boying, a kind of hip hop dance routine which stretched the flexibility of the students. Tired but extremely gratified at the learning, they very reluctantly, yielded the floor to their seniors, CAIE 5-8 doing the Lyrical Swag. We all danced to the lively and joyful music. The fast paced songs were a mix of both Tamil and Hindi. However, it was an incredible experience and a whole lot of fun too! It was a wonderful day that really marked the importance of celebrating and encouraging young minds all over the world. Happy Children’s Day!

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