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Being in a technology driven world and gadgets reducing bonding time, children are gradually devoid of human touch.  To bridge this void we bring back certain time tested practices to create or nourish the bond. The break through practice is nothing unheard of, but it’s what our grandmother enthralled us with –“stories. “. Tales filled with humor, moral, suspense, thrilling plots, mysticism or just plain experiences!

 Unaware of how Minutes tick to hours these stories take us to a world where kings slew gargoyles and mythical places which never existed on the face of earth. The child unaware of how much time he or she sits is stunned with all ears and eyes focusing on the minute facial expressions of the story teller and the parlance used.

Such was how the story “The sparkling pen “left children of ELP 3A. There were moments of pondering, moments of reflections followed by slurry of questions. The story was also made into flash cards which made it easy for the children to sequentially narrate the story. The intention of honing their listening skills and transporting them to a world of imagination was fulfilled.

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