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Show and tell, a very important event in ELP plays a great role in shaping the social and emotional life of a child. It is a time for students to share things, either by bringing in objects or photographs to show their classmates or by telling stories.

The topics that were selected for ELP Show and tell, conducted on March 28th, were ‘what you like to be when you grow up’, ‘life cycle of a butterfly or a frog’, ‘my favourite things’.

The tiny tots of ELP1 were filled with great enthusiasm as they expressed their future plans to become life saving doctors, creative musicians, dare devil  fire fighters, pilots, a teacher, a ballerina  and so the list goes on .ELP2 children had a good time simplifying the life cycle processes of  frog and butterfly through songs and stories and rhymes. “These are few of my favourite things “ was what ELP3 children spoke about , narrating their experiences from doing various activities such as reading the  book they like, or their memorable vacation to name a few.

These show and tell episodes not only contribute in building confidence but also help in organising and imparting information. It is a chance for children to think ‘outside the box’ a little and invite their teacher and classmates to come into their own little world for a minute or two.

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