“Science is the Poetry of Reality”

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Students and teachers of CPS Global School Thirumazhisai came together to celebrate SIMILO 2019, the festival of Annual Science Expo, a week-long science carnival from 18th to 23rd November 2019. The SIMILO fever began with a handful of fun-filled science activities creating a scientific temper amongst the entire CPSGS family. From toddlers to IBDP, each and every student enthusiastically took part in various activities showcasing their scientific talents.

The SIMILO week started on a lively Monday morning with an awakening campaign on Diabetes promoting the complications to empower prevention and management of diabetes featuring the verified strategies of diabetes. Our little scientists of CAIE1 and 2 took part in Miniature Boffin, disguising themselves as famous scientists and inventors. It was a real treat to watch the budding scientists on act. An ingenious Science Quiz, comprising of three rounds such as Mind Twisters, Connexions and Camouflage was organized for CAIE 3, 4 and 5. The students were quizzed and their heedful participation engrossed the audience for their exceptional scientific and inquisitive skills.

The mystery of the Bermuda triangle was intriguingly presented by the students of IBDP Year 1. The students, initially being curious about the myth of the Bermuda Triangle, set out to find the reason of the mysterious disappearances that happen in that specific part of the ocean. Students’ progressed research revealed that the triangle isn’t a mystery at all providing evidences for their findings through the records from insurance companies and calculating the rate of disappearances. Further interactive and systematic discussions with our Head of School, Mrs. Jayu Ganesh and our Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Aditi Mukherjee, no stone was left unturned. It surely made SIMILO week live up to its name.

The well anticipated final day of SIMILO started with an inauguration of our very own Herbal Garden. This commencement was established to create awareness about the traditional and conventional usage of medicinal plants and it was inducted in the presence of parents, teachers and students of CPSGS. This sensitized the knowledge of herbal plants and received a great extol to create a favourable society.

The Science expo was the main attraction of SIMILO 2019. Students exhibited innovative projects and resourceful models with scientific spirit and passionately elucidated the details.
SIMILO 2019 was certainly a great venture of virtual reality!

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