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Ring of Friendship

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School is probably the one place where a child makes the maximum number of friends. Making friends and exploring friendships is an important part of growing up.


Our ELP children celebrated friendship day by making a ‘friendship name wreath’ with their hand prints. In the process the young buds pledged their commitment to everlasting friendship!!


“We’ve joined together as classmates

as the new school year begins…

A year full of learning

while we become friends

we’ll share and be kind

as we work and we play.

And our friendship will grow

with each passing day.”


Few games such as ‘Hello,  My friend’ and ‘Will you be my friend?’ were played during the circle time to know more about their friends and boost their bonding.

Children appreciated one another watching audio-visual clips on friendship.

The day ended with the children having a blast in the class and exchanging Friendship Bands with peers and staff members! They took back home so many bonds and bands of friendship!

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