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As part of CAS, the students of IBDP Yr 1 involved themselves in the Service and Activity categories wherein, they engaged themselves in a project, “Collection of Used/ Unused paper” in collaboration with ITC, at our CPS Global School campus. Two students took up the initiative to motivate the other students of IBDP Yr 1 class. Each student was allotted one class (from Grade 1 to IBDP-Yr 2) to encourage and request them to bring the used/unused papers. The project was carried out for a period of two weeks (1.2.16 to 12.2.16).

The students  collected 367 kgs of waste paper which was handed over to Mr.Anbarasu of ITC to be recycled by them and, they, in turn, gave stationery material worth Rs.3300/- which will be distributed to the under privileged children who would require the same.

The students reflected on the teamwork, leadership, ethical practices through this programme. They had whole heartedly participated in the project and emerged much more responsible citizens.

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