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A message loud and clear is that if children have to enjoy reading then their experience has to be more intriguing and interesting. ELP 2 B children were in for such an experience.

Blending is a key skill which children learn when they are learning to read. Children are able to mentally join the sounds or letters and pronounce the word.

As the children were  thorough with the letter sounds, and  have started blending them  together to form CVC(consonant vowel consonant) words , this activity was taken up to augment  the learning .

 To allow a two way learning process, the ELP2B children were provided with flower-word sticks kept in a vase. Each child was called to pick up a flower stick and read aloud the word written on it. While one child read aloud the word on the flower, the others circled the same in the workbook.

These kind of read aloud sessions allow teachers to scaffold the learning and understanding of a child, nudging him or her to do her best at times when they need the assistance.

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