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Read & Rejoice: Book Lovers Day @ELP

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Today is Book Lovers Day! – A day for all those who love to read and it is the perfect opportunity to seed the interest of reading and share the joy of reading within the young minds.

Many children pick reading as their hobby in later part of life and it has been observed that reading books is just not only a fun and enriching hobby, but it also makes us smarter and more confident people.

We use every chance at school, like the library time or story time to inspire the toddlers to read their favourite book or find out about the last story book they took off the shelf.

The information and technology era has not been able to fade reading, but has adapted to its digital form. Whatever avatar it is in, children have to be encouraged to develop the habit of reading and sharing their experience with us, too!

“Reading a book is like taking a journey and a good book is always a best friend.”

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