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Reach out for the stars… CPS GS Astronomy Club @ TMZ

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The boundary condition of the universe is that it has no boundary – Stephen Hawking.


When we learn and try to understand about the stars, planets, comets, we rely on our own perspectives through the abundant complex power of imagination and often end in limited understanding.

Role of cutting edge technologies in space science has made leeway for many modifications in science but there is still an immense scope. Astronomy is one of the oldest branches of science, luring humans from the earliest times. We have launched rockets from our childhood – did we delve into its mechanism? Did we understand the importance of opportunities, possibilities, innovation and collaboration? Hence, we need to increase the scientific temper and positive attitude towards science and the modern environment by enhancing thinking process in interesting ways. Astronomy and Space Science programme provides for a wide range of facilities, research ideas for individuals in order to investigate some of the highest priority questions in astrophysics, cosmology and solar system science.

Opportunities create interests… CPS GS students got a unique opportunity through their interactive session with India’s leading Astronomy & Space Science Service Provider-SPACE INDIA, with the demonstration of rocket launching with the Astronomy module 1 program details. This was the initiation of rocketing astronomers from the CPS GS Astronomy Club.

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