Reach for the stars…climb every mountain higher… and when the rainbow’s shining over you That’s when your dreams will all come true.

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In adherence to the above saying, CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai witnessed a starry glitz and glamour of its Annual Day celebrations aptly themed ZENITH – Reach for the stars, celebrating those who have reached this zenith of success in their avenue of life. This cultural extravaganza at the prestigious Museum Theatre reverberated with life along with the gracious presence of Mr. Thaman S, renowned music director as our Chief Guest and Ms. Sudha Chandrasekar, fitness and Zumba instructor and founder of ‘Zing N Swing’ as our Special guest. The evening commenced with a soulful Invocation song followed by the captivating dance performance by our Cherubic Champs from the ELP section. The innocent mistakes brought in a special cuteness to their performance. Besides a plethora of musical performances from the Ethereal Minstrels from CAIE 1-6 rendering their vocals to popular numbers from the movie, Moana to the school senior band, Vintage Echoes from IGCSE- Y1 and IBDP Y 1, Rhythm of the Soles mesmerized all as students from CAIE 4-6 performed to live singing by the teachers. The Star Walk by our very own talented replica of world leaders awed the entire audience. Theme based dance presentations by the Rocking Revellers from CAIE 7 to IBDP Y1 and the electrifying (Michael)Jackson Mania performance  by CAIE 1-3 kept the hall enthralled with their synchronizing movements. The two riveting performances which drew unceasing applause were the enactment of the play displaying the bond of compassion- ‘The Blue Umbrella’ by the legendary Ruskin Bond and the Bard’s (Shakespeare) Masterpiece – The Merchant of Venice through an experimental street play format skilfully etched by our students. Entailing a visual treat of Nostalgia ensembling our memories of the past year, the cultural journey finally culminated Zenith-a glittery bonanza.


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