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Rapturous Tamil Harvest festival @ CPSGS!!

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“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.”



The loveliness of the law of nature is brought to life at CPSGS through the Pongal celebrations. The festivity mood activated the cheer in the CPSGS family and primed the decorations with cultural flavours. The rangoli colours, decked pot, sugarcane and thoran wondered the reception area.

The celebrations initiated with a special assembly on the importance and the significance of the Harvest festival. The children’s extravagant descriptions, rural musical, rustic dance with alike properties and traditional costumes pictured the happiness and entirety of the Tamil festival.

To display the folk art and to interest the spirit of merriment, the day prolonged with fun-occupied activities. Both indoor and outdoor activities sandwiched and layered on the cultural games of Tamilians. The signature folkloric games like five stones, Nondi, Pallanguzhi, Kitti Pul, Uri Adithal and Kabaddi, embroiled the curiosity of the family. Learning and participating in the exciting ethnic games engrossed the students and the teachers. Instantaneously sweet Pongal was prepared and offered to Sun God.

The Pongal day and the harvest celebration settled with the distribution of sweet to implant happiness and love.

Thus, Pongal was extraordinarily rapturous @ CPSGS!


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