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Raising A toast to the Scholars of CPS GS, TMZ!!

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“Worlds Scholars Cup” – is not new to CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai anymore.  Being a seasoned participating school, no wonder all the teams were selected for the Global Round.  The small but strong contingent comprising of Harpita Pandian, Harpith Pandian, Anu Ranjani all from CAIE 7, Siya Motwani, Anika Victoria Sethuraman, Padmaja PL, Anisharvind Sambasivam and Aditya Mukherjee all of CAIE 8, Shyam Ganesh of IGYR 1 and Pooja Ganapathy and Kavya Subramanian of IBYR 1 participated in the Chennai Round winning whopping medal tally of a total of 21 golds and 32 silvers. Notable were the top 5th position of Harpita Pandian in the Junior Champion Scholar along with Kavya in the Senior Writing Category.  The junior team was awarded the 8th position overall.

Kudos to all the students who have done us proud!

The list of winners along with their respective events and ranks have been attached if you want to publish it as well.

Event                           Level/Medal                           Rank / Name(s)

Team Challenge          Junior Gold medal     10. Anu Ranjani, Harpita and Harpith

Debate                         Junior silver medal    142. Anu Ranjani

Junior Gold Medal      47. Anika Victoria Sethuraman

Junior silver medal     132. Harpith Pandian

Junior Gold Medal      34. Harpita Pandian

Senior Gold Medal     13. Kavya Subramanian

Team Bowl                 Junior Gold Medal      12. Anu Ranjani, Harpita and Harpith

Senior Silver Medal    51. Pooja, Aditya and Anisharvind

Writing Champions     Junior silver medal    179. Anu Ranjani

Junior silver medal    167. Anika Victoria Sethuraman

Junior silver medal    146. Siya Motwani

Junior Gold Medal      44. Harpita Pandian

Senior Gold Medal     5. Kavya Subramanian

Senior Silver Medal    160. Pooja Ganapathy

Senior Silver Medal    143. Aditya Mukherjee

Senior Silver Medal    104. Anisharvind Sambasivam

Team Debate                          Junior Gold Medal      18. Anu Ranjani, Harpita and Harpith

Junior silver medal    52. Siya, Anika and Padmaja

Team Writing                          Junior silver medal    42. Anu Ranjani, Harpita and Harpith

Senior Silver Medal    43. Pooja, Aditya and Anisharvind

Champion Scholar                  Junior Trophy              5. Harpita Pandian

Senior Silver Medal    27. Kavya Subramanian

Champion Team                      Junior Gold Medal      8. Anu Ranjani, Harpita and Harpith

Da Vinci Award                     Senior Silver Medal    16. Shyam Ganesh

Subject Awards                      4 golds and 2 silver     Harpita Pandian(Gold- Arts, Social, History,

Literature, Silver- Science and Special Area)

2 silver                         Harpith Pandian (Literature and Social)

Aditya Mukherjee (Literature and Art)

1 silver                         Anu Ranjani (Literature)

Anika Victoria Sethuraman (Art)

Pooja Ganapathy (History)

School Top Scholars               Senior Division           Kavya Subramanian

Junior Division              Harpita Pandian

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