Pollution dramatised…the journey

One of the most pressing issues of today’s world is how we treat the environment. All over, a countless amount of habitats are being destroyed along with its inhabitants. To bring light upon this critical topic, the students of CAIE 8 produced a skit, right from scriptwriting to enacting.

Originally, we had multiple scenes, almost all concluding with a death to not only satisfy the morbidity of our peers, but to also depict the eventual outcome of harming our environment. These scenarios also included day-to-day activities that contribute to ruining our planet in order to resonate with our audience.

Although, rather than focusing on the actual topic at hand, comedy became our focal point. However, with proper guidance we made alterations to our skit, such as having the affected characters, from humans to birds, explain the negative impacts of pollution. These minor changes transformed our skit into something more advanced and better-received. One change we had not made, of course, was the demise of most of the protagonists.

The practice session was very informal; nevertheless, during the actual performance, everything went smooth. All in all, the skit had fulfilled its motive—to be a learning and teaching experience about what to avoid to save nature and had brought together the entire class.

Aadila Zakir Hussain, CAIE 8


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