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CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai truly knows how to win children’s hearts. As part of the unique Children’s Day celebration this year a Music Workshop for IG & IB students was conducted on the basics of understanding the process of making music. Music is enjoyed by everyone around the world but how is it made? With the advancements in technology, so much can be done individually. This workshop taught the students on how to make music and held activities where the students actually made their own music. It also showed the various programs used to create music and the various genres of music that we could create. It  showcased the whole process of making music. From writing to recording to mixing and finally publishing. The workshop also enlightened us that we had to be well-informed in many areas in order to pursue music as a career or a hobby. We need to be aware of the Physics, IT and Math behind music in order to produce music. An example of the application of Physics in music is the adjusting of the amplitudes, pitches and the other characteristics of waves in order to tune our song. There are many softwares for different difficulty levels, but the overall process of producing a song is a tedious one, and this workshop made us understand why musicians are paid the big bucks!!

Aditya Sundar Rao & Sanchit Jaykumar




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