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Opening up different vistas of careers

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As we all make our way through high school, we often find ourselves thinking about a crucial aspect of our education and the next major step of our lives: college. Faced with lots of options in everything from universities to majors, we can get a bit overwhelmed at times. Attending presentations and information sessions hosted by colleges help us make more informed decisions, and it’s great that quite a few of these sessions happen right here at school. Today, we attended a presentation by the Admissions Adviser, South Asia from École hôtelière de Lausanne, a Swiss college that specializes in hospitality management. We learned about the different programs offered and had a glimpse of campus life and the location of the college. Now we know a bit more about this particular area of study and the Swiss higher education system in general. Presentations like this one provide us with exposure to opportunities we hadn’t previously known about, and we hope to learn more during similar sessions in the future.

-Pooja Ganapathy, IBDP Yr 1

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