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Mithra means friend, and as the name suggests, Mithra seeks to identify and maximize potential among all intellectually and physically challenged children and young adults. As part of CAS, some of the IBDP YR 2 visited Mithra for service.

In a time where IB deadlines are at question, a little exposure to humanity is all a student requires. There were cases ranging from severe to very mild. Severe cases where even ones verbal expression was affected and to mild cases where the person seemed to be completely normal. The children at Mithra were extremely warm hearted and knew exactly how to welcome us. From how a boy named Jeeva invited Throvnica, Lee and I into his lovely classroom, to Selvi feeling absolutely elated when Meghanaa agreed to stroll her to the canteen, to Suprabh having a wresling showdown with Pandian. The place exhibited an aura of positivity and togetherness. Although It was pretty baffling to see a few adults who could not communicate due to their disabilities, it had in allowed us to empathize with them and encouraged us to view things more differently. We ended our day by taking everyone to the canteen and serving them a scrumptious meal of Tamarind rice and sambar.

It was indeed a moment for us students to reconnect with humanity, to be able to appreciate and accept the wonders and the flaws of human kind.

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