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Matter of Matters: “Navaratri” celebrations – ELP @ TMZ

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The super divine power will always provide energy to the blue planet [Earth] to move around the Sun and sustain life. Hence, this divine power or neural part must be thanked. Our ELP students started learning and thanking the super divine through Navaratri celebration with fun-filled enjoyment and facts. CPS GS, TMZ stands always for giving a quality education.

Matters may or may not be very big but it’s made from minute units. Let’s start understanding minutes @ every minute.

Our students understood the Solar system and its influence in human body and started protecting themselves from 1) Krodh (Anger), 2) Kaam (Lust),  3) Lobh (Greed), 4) Moh (Attachment), 5) Ahankar (Ego), 6) Darr (Fear), 7) Irsha (Jealousy), 8) Jadta (Inertia), 9) Nafrat (Hate) and 10) Paschataap (Guilt) through the Navaratri celebration.

CPS GS, TMZ is the place to learn for LIFE-success.

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