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“Life is an art form and that each of us is an artist”

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In accordance with the above saying , ‘Ateliar’ the creative club of CPSGS, Thirumazhisai, initiated it’s very first activity on 30th August,2018 with The Zentangle Method,an art form developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

In Zentangle, repetitive patterns fill defined spaces to form beautiful and
complex designs that are deceptively simple to create. All students from CAIE 1-8 avidly engaged themselves in contributing beautiful eye-catching  images of these structured patterns. Clustered into 3 groups, each student with their own ignited creative prowess, came up with remarkable artwork. While our little ones from CAIE 1-3 amazed us with their lively choice of colours which they added to the zentangle picture forms, CAIE 4 and 5 meticulously drew creative structured tangles around the zentangle letters given. On the other hand, the middle school students kept us glued to their majestic and experimental works of zentangle art . Reflecting on how each one of them displayed their creativity with flair, there’s no room for doubt that with a little more impetus these GOOD young minds of today are going TO become the GREAT artists of tomorrow!


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