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Let’s get TOKing- TOK Bistro 2019

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When intellectuals get together over a cuppa tea, great ideas flow. The TOK Bistro 2019 brewed engaging notions about the prescribed titles for the IBDP May 2020 examination session. With an initial briefing about the realm of TOK by the IB year 2 students through an engrossing presentation, the congregation easily translated into different groups discussing the six titles on the menu. Diverse perspectives from students, parents and facilitators were pondered on and stimulated the formulation of the concepts, the Real Life Situations, Claims, Counterclaims and Knowledge Questions by the students. However, as all good things also come to an end, the Bistro also had to be wrapped up but not before the students had a greater clarity about their choice of the title.

Indeed a worthwhileTOKing was it at CPS GS TMZ!

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