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The Window of Learning
“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. This is a fascinating quote by Journalist Sydney J. Harris.

The difference between mirror and window is of ‘spread of vision. When we gaze into a mirror we see a limited area around us; however when we look out a window, the spread of vision can be almost endless. Windows are used to represent finding things out, or revealing something or it could also
symbolize an opportunity.

Childhood offers a precious ‘window of opportunity’ for learning new ideas, words, concepts, and experiences on a regular basis and, is essential for developing a comprehensive knowledge.

La Fenetre, the window gives such an opportunity for our children to reveal their year-long learning and as a see through for the adult visitors to know how much our kids have flourished in our school environment. For the students and teachers of CPS GS La Fenetre is ‘Celebration of Learning.’

La Fenêtre’18, was celebrated at CPS Global School Anna nagar campus on 13 th April 2018. Celebrations of learning are just not display of students work at the end of the year but to articulate what they have learned, how they learned, questions they answered, research they conducted, and areas of strength and struggles. They are powerful opportunities to make learning public.

At the center of celebrations of learning are the amazing performances of our students to reflect the content and skills they have learnt through real-world formats or models that are created for an audience beyond the classroom.

Some of our classrooms have been organized and set up with hand crafted paper work and models to reflect thematic concepts that are part of their curriculum such as Road safety, Seasons, landforms, Countries, Habitats of different animals. Children were divided into different teams and assigned roles like receiving the guests, introduction, concept explanation, enacting characters such that every child has a part to play.

On celebration day, teachers stay in the background and let the children host and show how capable they are. As their guests arrive, children’s greet and introduce to them, explains rules and regulations, Do’s and Don’ts and guide them through their classrooms.

We were really thrilled when we hear some children child tell adult guest, “OK, now we’re going over here,” or “This is the way we learned to do it.” Visitors were given opportunity to ask questions to which our children answered confidently.

The room hums busily as children explain their work or the concepts, enact as characters, interacting with their guests, adults react with delight as children show off their skills, and everyone explores and experiments together.

Everyone were amazed at the capabilities the kids demonstrated either answering on concepts like seasons, countries, Habitats- where and what kind of animals live in or while performing characters of great scholars like Thiruvalluvar.

Our Children thoroughly enjoyed and loved sharing their learning with the adults. We are proud they demonstrated high energy levels of participation and enthusiasm to have made it a grand success! We believe the true value of our learning celebrations outlasts these special days as these experience stay forever in their minds and thus make learning meaningful and exciting for children.

Our students’ leap in progress was well acknowledged and appreciated by the visiting parents. One of our parent even sent us appreciation note quoting “Kudos!! Wow!! Those kids were full of energy and confidence in delivering.”

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