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It’s pwaaaring Alpacas!!!

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Yes! The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) announced its arrival yet again with a colossal bang, with the Chennai Regional round that went underway at the prestigious American International School Chennai (AISC).

Our CPS GS students were all eager and energetic even though it was a weekend as they knew that they had two days of quality learning ahead.  The day started off with Josepeh Harr one of the WSC’s outreach leaders introducing the concept but in no time, he was everyone’s beloved Joga, (rhyming with Yoga) his codename. The teachers present were all guided for an orientation on judging the debate, both junior and senior rounds. The keyed up children were all given instructions about the day’s course of events. Both the days were a culmination of four main events: Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, the Scholar’s Challenge (a multiple- choice test), and the Scholar’s Bowl. In the Bowl children had these clicking devices and they had to click the correct answers from the options on the screen.

Now it was time for some brain storming, arguments, discussions, writing sessions and clicking away at supersonic speeds on the remote clickers for the right answers.

The illustrious closing ceremony initiated with a talent show where students from different schools exhibited their diverse talents. The medal winners were exuberant as most of them bagging more than 3 medals. Our students exhibited a brilliant show by bagging 24 medals and 6 out of our 8 teams having reserved a berth at the Global.  Last but not the leas,t there were Alpacas everywhere – Yes! the official mascot of WSC JERRY made his presence felt everywhere – on the ground, in the air and on the heads of the children!!

So now – Global Rounds.. HERE WE COME!!

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