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Is Habit stronger than Reason?!

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Yes, this is what the IBDP-Year 2 students battled out to understand the eternal dilemma of reason versus habit. The students were engrossed and engaged in putting forth their reasons (!) to justify that habit is stronger or not. Ranging from Mathematics to Arts to Natural Sciences to Religious Knowledge Systems the speakers found real life examples to substantiate their claims and counterclaims. If one argued that brushing the teeth is merely a habit, another refuted by claiming how this action can be reasoned out. From simple brushing one went into the intricacies of Euclidean Geometry to Instagram – such was the range of examples to lay forth their arguments. It is, indeed, not easy to draw the line between habit and reason, when does reason turn into a habit is always debatable- implicit reasoning is always there but the claim that habit can also go beyond reasoning was also impressed upon. Regardless of the decision as to who lost or won as is the case of any debate it was truly an insightful session coming from our teenagers. Who says, our teenagers are not serious thinkers? One should have attended the TOK debate at CPS Global School, TMZ today, on the occasion of World Day for International Justice to be proved otherwise!!  

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